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News: The ICFHA Awarded the Cemetery Member Elite Award

Our office manager, Joyce “Jo” Green, was awarded the Cemetery Member Elite Award on September 14, 2016 at the ICFHA 88th Semi-Annual Fall Convention.

The Member Elite Award 

Is given to acknowledge Jo's experience and willingness to help educate others in cemetery knowledge. Jo Green is the office manager at Graceland/Fairlawn Funeral Home and Cemeteries in Decatur, Illinois. She has been employed by NorthStar, our affiliate company, for 20 plus years.

Jo Green is on the board of directors of ICFHA and on the women's committee at Maranatha Assembly of God. When we asked what attracted Joyce to this field, She said: “Personally going through a bad experience with Graceland Fairlawn.”

When asked to give the proudest moment in this profession Joyce said: “Making an angry customer happier before they leave. I'm also very proud of my team; Robin, Dena, and Chandra- they are the best!”

The Mission of ICFHA  
Is to promote fellowship among cemetery & funeral home executives and officials throughout the State of Illinois, to create and maintain high ethical standards in the conduct of cemetery & funeral home administration; to meet and discuss mutual problems and exchange ideas on subjects pertaining to cemetery & funeral home development, operation, and management for mutual benefit and protection and to provide a code of ethics to which all members shall subscribe.