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We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.


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Donnie is an amazing guy we can't say thank you enough to him he was very respectful and did more then we asked when he cremated our dog we are thankful to you and for what you've done

Author: Miranda Reeves rated with 5 stars

“A huge "Thank You" to the staff at Graceland Fairlawn/Moran & Goebel. Thank you for the kindness and dedication you had when our father, Junior Logan, passed away. The love and time you spent with the family will not be forgotten. We had a terrible day for a funeral and the staff really stepped up and provided a wonderful service fur the most difficult time in our lives. We cannot thank the cemetery staff as well for digging the gravesite in below zero temperatures and having the tent set up to keep the family free from the weather. We also personally want to thank John Renfro for the care that he took of our father and family while making arrangements. We also want to thank David Goebel, Shawn Cearlock, Eddie Wells for the hard work getting everything to the church on the most treacherous of days. May GOD bless you all. The Junior Logan Family.”

Tia Logan Tia Logan February 05, 2024 5 stars

“Graceland Fairlawn has handled funeral arrangements for many of my immediate and extended family members and we have always been pleased. They have also handled cremation of several family pets over the years. I had the good fortune of being referred to staff member Donnie Sutton this past October when a much loved family pet passed. Donnie was very professional, but also caring and compassionate. He went above and beyond what I expected regarding the memorial he created which I received when I picked up the cremains. It was wonderful. I am so grateful. ”

Pam Long January 01, 2024 5 stars

“I couldn't be more grateful to Donnie and the staff at Graceland Fairlawn! There was a fire at my home, my two girls were trapped. They didn't make it. My world fell apart. I called GF for a cremation price, hoping insurance would cover it. I told them I still needed to get the girls picked up from animal control and get back with them. Shortly after, I got a call from Donnie. We talked about my situation. He offered to get the girls for me and make them presentable so I could say goodbye. I graciously accepted. He then told me that Graceland Fairlawn was going to cover the cost of the entire cremation, paw prints and all. I couldn't believe it. I am So grateful to Donnie. He was so caring and supportive, everyone was. Thank you so much Graceland Fairlawn for ushering my babies to that rainbow bridge.”

Leslie Kinney Leslie Kinney December 16, 2023 5 stars

“Amy Marshall is a HUGE ASSET to this funeral home. She knows EXACTLY how to make a person feel better, In the deepest sorrow of times of their life. I pray that Amy gets a huge raise because she is truly worth so much to you guys! We love you Amy. 💜 God bless you always, Amy and staff. ❤️‍🩹🩷 From our family to you guys. We love you forever. Thank you so much for everything you did for my mom. You are the best of the best Amy! She is a treasure sent from up above. I love and prayers always Angie Castelli.”

Angie Castelli Angie Castelli December 02, 2023 5 stars

“If you are thinking about going somewhere else for this time of need for your loved ones - Please Read this first. My husband and I decided to pre-plan our funerals after he got sick in 2017. We weren’t sure where to go or how to go about it. We did look at a few places and then came to Graceland. They helped us with everything. Highly recommend pre-planning. We thought we had many years ahead of us before we would use the service we planned for. I found myself in 2023 reaching out to Graceland for his funeral. Sean and Amy (Graceland staff) did a great job with everything, his service, graveside, and some requested that was not a normal service. However, they did super job the day was just what he would have wanted! Very friendly, helpful, caring and even at times funny. And believe me the kids and I needed that at that time. They came through as champs for my family. Now I am thinking once again that I will see them again years down the road. Then life throws me another surprise. Two months after my husband passed our little Jax (our family dog of 14 years) passed away. I found myself at the Vet’s in my car crying and had no idea what to do. Then Graceland came to my mind. I called and asked for Amy with the tears running down my face and voice not want to say the words. I said I need help. This sweet, caring soft voice tells me she was going to help me with this. The only question she asked at this time was where is little Jax at. About 10 minutes later she called me back and said it was all taken care of and if I could go to the office around noon. A kind, very calm, caring, loving, soft voice called me about 1 hour later – “This is Donnie with Graceland and I wanted you to know that I have Jax with me and he will be taken care of as if he was my own family”. I got to Graceland around noon and Donnie met me at the door. He walked me through step by step of what has already happened, going to happen, what to expect. Answered all my questions. He’s soft caring voice, the love he showed in his eyes, and the way he spoke to me let me know that this is not just a job to him. He believes that everyone including pets are important. He will make you understand your furry family member is well taken care of and with heart. I knew my little Jax was and will finish out his time here in very good hands. I would tell everyone and do tell everyone that before you buy, pre-plan, or place your loved one to their final resting place. Go see the team at Graceland Fairlawn. They are amazing people, angels here on earth to help us with the hard dark parts of our lives. Thank you so much my Graceland Family! ”

Lori Fyke November 28, 2023 5 stars

“Our experience with Graceland was exceptional. I really cant thank them enough for all that they did for our family. Katie and Tony took such good care of us. They listened to us and helped us plan my fathers service including his military rites. They put us in touch with a wonderful local pastor to officiate the funeral and contacted the honor guard for graveside services. They treated us with care and respect during one of the hardest times for our family. We are so grateful for their compassion and understanding. ”

Kendra T January 22, 2023 5 stars

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